European awareness campaign  connecting sport & physical activity with mental health


  Life is Like a Bike video

«Life is like a bike. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving»: Albert Einstein combines in one sentence the laws of Physics with a life attitude. Another source of inspiration for the holistic approach of Mental Health through an active living, through the use of the positive effect that sport and physical exercise have on our daily mood and mental balance.

The "Life is Like a Bike" campaign is based on the results of the European survey among organizations and individuals about their experience and their opinions on the contribution of physical exercise and sport to mental health through specially designed questionnaires for sports organizations, mental health providers (recipients of their services or professionals) and the general population. The survey lasted two months (October-November 2017) and was completed with 2,656 participants from 12 European countries. 

Mental Health Europe together with the Tizard Centre- University of Kent released "Mapping and Understanding Exlusion in Europe" 2018 report - a unique study which looks at the state of mental health services across 35 Europe countries and provides exclusive data and testimonies about European mental health systems, ongoing human rights violations and the changes on the horizon.

The second meeting of MENS Project (Mental European Network of Sport Events) was successfully held on the 22nd and the 23rd of June 2017 in the city of Prague. The project aims to develop strong institutional procedures for the specific contribution of sport and physical exercise to the prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of mental illness at a European level.

During the two days of the meeting, 39 representatives from 17 partners from 12 countries, including Fokus ČR, reviewed the successfully implemented stages of the project so far and afterwards they examined the progress of the ongoing tasks as well as programmed the upcoming ones. One day was dedicated exlusively to the Constituent General Assembly of the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health – ENALMH.  Fokus ČR is represented in the Managing Board by Jan Drobný.

Great thanks belongs to the team of Dům u Libuše by Fokus Praha, who prepared a wonderful catering with excellent servis. We were proud to have such an good practice and example of social rehabilitation work at the international level. 




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On Tuesday 21 March more than 230 civil society organisations and trade unions call on European leaders to lead by values, not fear with the common appeal "The Europe we want: Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive".  Read the common appeal HERE.


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17 European organizations met together in a beautiful Italian town Citta di Castello. The common idea that got them togehter is the interconnection between sport, physical activities and mental health. The positive impact of physical activities on mental health was proven by research and by practise many times. But still are people with mental health problems in their access to sport activities often disadvantaged or discriminated. International project M.E.N.S.  (Mental European Network of Sport Events) aims to change this situation. Fokus ČR is part of this project and it is one of establishing organizations of the newly emerging network.